PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Amazing animals of Australia !

Australia, known for it’s strange animals and wildlife are so unique to Australia, that we thought it would be interesting to highlight these animals:

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Christmas around the World:

The Christian world celebrates Christmas soon, and I thought it would be fun to show photos of Christmas around the world. Merry Christmas everyone ! Christmas is so different around the world. In Japan, a bucket of KFC chicken has become a favorite dish for Christmas In Finland a big tradition that is catching onContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Christmas around the World:”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving and Photography

Those of you living in the United States, we celebrate November 26th as “Thanksgiving Day”. And this is a time when families get together, eat a big roasted Turkey, and lots more food. But mostly it’s about getting the family together, renew our love as families and to take a moment and be grateful forContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving and Photography”