PEOPLE PHOTOS: Posing men!

GREAT POSING EXAMPLES OF MEN: I have been wanting to do this blog for a long time. But, I wanted to wait until I got the best information I could. Now I have it. QUICK TIPS ON POSING: Have him stand with his feet apart, and one shoulder back from the front one. Shift the hips to one side, so he looks like he is … Continue reading PEOPLE PHOTOS: Posing men!


As time goes on, it’s obvious that the way to take portraits, or people pictures changes. Today, I want to go through some “People” photos and see if you like this new trend. Is the formal portrait gone? I don”t think so. But, I find it interesting that the photographers who have a portrait studio, spend a lot more time out of their studio, than … Continue reading THE 2021 WAY TO DO PEOPLE PHOTOS


How to photograph the hand? Is there really a technique for taking pictures of hands? And why would I take pictures of “hands?” Great questions and let’s get on this one. How to pose hands to make them look nice, obviously goes back to “posing the human body”. When you pose a person, the hands are one of the most important things to pose correctly. … Continue reading HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH “THE HAND”