PEOPLE PHOTOS: Posing men!

GREAT POSING EXAMPLES OF MEN: I have been wanting to do this blog for a long time. But, I wanted to wait until I got the best information I could. Now I have it. QUICK TIPS ON POSING: Have him stand with his feet apart, and one shoulder back from the front one. Shift the hips to one side, so he looks like he is … Continue reading PEOPLE PHOTOS: Posing men!

cheerful young black female leaning on hands


As photographers, even if you are a landscape photographer, you will eventually take pictures of people, whether it be your own family, or just a friend because they know you have a real camera. Well, even though this article is probably written for portrait photographers, we can all learn something about taking pictures of people, and in this case: what to do with those hands. … Continue reading WHERE TO PUT HANDS IN PORTRAITS: