Photos of the Week: Minimalized Photos

Minimalized Photos? Is this a new word? In your auto spell check, it doesn’t exist, but, in Photography and Art, it is a real important type of photography that almost everyone loves it. If you haven’t heard of this, then read on, because we are going to introduce the best minimalized photos I have beenContinue reading “Photos of the Week: Minimalized Photos”


It is true: the Covid19 situation has made photography a little more challenging to go and get good photos. BUT, it shouldn’t have to. If you are a landscape photographer, this pandemic should not get in your way. I found this video from a professional photographer that talks about taking photos during this pandemic. VeryContinue reading “LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY DURING THE PANDEMIC:”


Once again, I have found a great video that I learned a lot about taking quality photos. In this case, it is WOODLAND PHOTOGRAPHY: 7 TIPS ! Now, I have done some photos this year in one of our local woodlands, myself. And found it quite difficult to get any kind of composition when theContinue reading “7 TIPS ON HOW TO SHOOT IN THE WOODLANDS !”

Pro Landscape Photog Shares Some Tips While He is Working:

I love to share good videos when they come along. You get the information right from the person, and in this case, a professional photographer. We can all use a little help in our landscape photography, and this will help: The Internet makes it incredibly easy to learn more photography tips than you could everContinue reading “Pro Landscape Photog Shares Some Tips While He is Working:”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: The Rivers that make up our beauty!

One thing we may all agree on, is that rivers are one of the most photographed bodies of water on our planet. They add such beauty to the world, it is hard to not notice. Today’s Photos of the Week, depict all the wonderful photos taken of Rivers.