Update on blog site

Hi, I’m Lanny Cottrell, who developed this website.

I have decided that with this website, I can create a place where people can do some serious learning. I am spending extra time, going through the real “Super informational” blogs I have done, and added even more content, and upgraded the blog to teach you even more.

Because of the extra work, I have set it up to be a Premium Content blog. Meaning, it will cost at least $1.50 to be able to read these blogs. I have currently 2 tiers to the subscription plan:

  • If you want to just read this blog once, it will only cost you: $1.50 to subscribe for a one time view.
  • If you would like to have access to all the “Premium Content blogs (and there will be close to 100 blogs this way), the cost is just $9.95 for the whole year, with unlimited access to all the blogs that are “premium Content”.

I hope you see this as a value item, and learn from it. They say that if you want a good education on a subject, it should be paid for, then you will benefit from making it a piece of serious learning.

Thank you as we embark on upgrading this website to something of value, and a prize worth keeping.

And keep looking for more amazing teaching blogs, as we go.

photo of railway on mountain near houses
Photo by SenuScape on Pexels.com
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